Get to Know Us & Our Lighting Philosophy

Using Art & Science to illuminate

Helping Connecticut residents & businesses with there lighting needs since 2006

At Ray Lighting + Design Studios our team of lighting installers and product specialists are here to help brighten your world. With a rich history of lighting services in CT, our team has worked on a wide variety of residential, houses of worship, landscape/exterior, as well as commercial lighting projects. We invite you to learn more about us and our history, explore our products and services and discover how Ray Lighting + Design Studios can change the way you think and feel about the lighting in your life. Not sure where to get started, contact us here for a free consultation.

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Award-winning lighting specialist, Ray has spent his life dedicated to the art and science of lighting design. With more than 30 years in the business, Ray has developed an eye for great lighting and continues to push and create great lighting experiences.

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About Ray Lighting + Design Studios

A fixture in the Hartford region for over 30 years

Ray Lighting + Design Studios was founded by Ray Christensen in 2006. Ray's family started in the lighting business in the 1950's opening a lighting retail store named Metzger's in West Hartford, CT. Since closing their doors in 2005, Ray has continued his families lighting legacy as an independent lighting specialist providing his skills and services to contractors, architects, houses of worship, homeowners and businesses across the Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York Regions. 

I consider my job to identify what intention you have for your space, then make your space look and feel extraordinary with my design plan and lighting fixture recommendations.

- Ray Christensen, Owner

Our Lighting Philosophy

Light with intention with the best luminaires for the project.



  • Think about your space. What do you want it to be like?

  • Do you want to make it feel warm and welcoming, perhaps a family room or reception area?

  • To inspire awe and magnificence in a Sacred Space or House of Worship?

  • Crisp and bright for your kitchen or professional office?

  • Showcase the architecture and gardens on your property?

  • Properly illuminate artwork?

  • Lighting for security and safety?


Whatever your intentions are for your finished project, the proper lighting is critical to making it a success. If thoughtful consideration is not given to the lighting, then your space will not reflect your intention. The space will “feel” off, the elements will not be correctly illuminated, the lighting, and subsequently your space, will be adequate and ordinary when it could have been outstanding and memorable.